• Tricia Jones

🎄🌎💛🐻 Yellow Bear Adventures in Mexico and Germany

🎄🌎💛🐻 The Christmas Around the World tour for the Yellow Bears continued to Mexico on Wednesday and Germany on Thursday. 🎄🌎💛🐻 In Mexico we learned about the Las Posadas celebration that commemorates the journey that Mary and Joseph took in search for a safe place for baby Jesus to be born. Two of our Yellow Bears re-enacted a portion of the story where Mary and Joseph go from place to place looking for lodging. 🎄🌎💛🐻 On our trek to Germany, we pretended to fly to France and then take a train ride to Germany. We entered the beautifully decorated sanctuary of GFBC to learn that just like from England, many of our Christmas traditions come from Germany - the Christmas tree, the Advent wreath, music, holiday plays, and several Christmas carols written by German composers. 🎄🌎💛🐻 Merry Christmas from the Yellow Bears!

🎄🌎💛🐻 "Do you have any rooms?" "No, sorry! We are full!"

🎄🌎💛🐻 The poinsettia is said to have come to the United States from Mexico.

🎄🌎💛🐻 Mexico and Las Posadas celebration

🎄🌎💛🐻 Through the use of props, we discovered that many of our Christmas traditions came from Queen Victoria and England.

🎄🌎💛🐻 We gathered around the piano to sing Christmas carols written by German composers.

🎄🌎💛🐻 To remember that our Christmas tree tradition came from Germany, we made Christmas trees with pine cones. 🎄

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