• Taken from Mrs. Duncan's January 2020 Parent

🍎 Q&A for Parent Teacher Conferences - January 15 and 16

What is the date and time for my Parent/Teacher Conference?

🍎 If they have not done so already, your teachers will contact you about a 15-20 minute assigned time for conferencing.

What will we discuss at the Parent/Teacher Conference?

🍎 This is the time when teachers will share the assessments that they did in December and the first part of January.

🍎 Your teachers will share things that your child has mastered and things that he/she will continue to work on the rest of the year.

🍎 They will answer questions and give you some insight about what they may see as the best option for our child for the next school year.

Where will my Parent/Teacher Conference be held?

🍎 Conferences are held in your child's classroom.

Will my child have school on Conference Day?

🍎 No. Since conferences are held in your child's classroom, there are no classes for your child on your assigned conference day.

🍎 For confidentiality, children are not to be in the classroom during conferences.

Will there be babysitting provided during conferences?

🍎 No. GFCC does not provide any formal babysitting for conferences.

🍎 Please find a friend or other resource to watch your child during this time.

🍎 You are welcome to use the Baby Room as it will be set up with a TV and toys.


🍎 A good idea is to trade off with another classroom parent so that you can watch each other's children.

🍎 Someone you know should be watching your child.

🍎 DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF without making arrangements for their care.

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