🐛 Welcome New Staff Member Amanda Harris

Amanda grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. After high school, she opened a house cleaning business and owned it for ten years. In 2016, Amanda's husband received a job offer in North Carolina, so they moved to Cary, North Carolina.

Once moving to Cary, Amanda became a stay-at-home mom for her two daughters. She realized she had a little more spare time than she did in Florida, so she decided to start running and has run six half marathons in a year. She also became a team mom for her older daughter's softball team. Her younger daughter joined a soccer team soon after, and Amanda became the assistant coach for her soccer team.

Amanda's youngest daughter attended GFCC for two years, and in her second year, Amanda started subbing in some of the classrooms. She thinks at this point, she has subbed in every class and just loves the GFCC family.

In Amanda's spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and really just doing any outdoor activities. Her favorite indoor hobbies include crafting, making fairy gardens and cooking.

Amanda is a co-teacher in the new Caterpillars Tuesday/Thursday 1's classroom.

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