• Tricia Jones

❤️ 3's Warm Hearts Family Breakfast

The annual Warm Hearts Family Breakfast for our Three-year-old classes was held on Wednesday, February 12 for the Polka Dot Puppies and the Blue Puppies and on Thursday, February 13 for the Yellow Puppies and the Purple Puppies.

This was a time for GFCC and our teachers to show our parents how much we love them by providing a yummy breakfast and to give us a chance to fellowship with our students and parents. I have it on good authority that the food was really tasty! I even heard one of the students say, "This was the best Breakfast Party I've ever had."

Several days before the Warm Hearts Family Breakfast, a family art project was sent home with our Puppies. The parents and siblings all made special Valentines for their three-year-old Puppy which were beautifully displayed in their classrooms or behind the food tables for this special event. At some point during the week, the Puppies also made Valentines to take home to their families.

Parents, thank you for sharing your children with us.

GFCC children are the best and their parents are the greatest!

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