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🎒 Backpack Buddies "Feed the Children Food Drive"

🎒 Greenwood Forest Children's Center (GFCC) is partnering with Greenwood Forest Baptist Church (GFBC) and Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in the Backpack Buddy program. This ministry helps children at Briarcliff and Farmington Woods Elementary schools. This donated food helps students who depend on free breakfast and lunch programs, making sure they have enough to eat over the weekends and holidays when they are not at school. This is greatly needed.

🎒 We, at GFCC, are very blessed. We would love to help in this ministry because we know children cannot grow and learn as they should if they are hungry.

🎒 GFCC families are always very generous with classroom donations and the Backpack Buddies program could really benefit from your generosity. Of course, this is voluntary on your part. We hope that you and your child will enjoy purchasing the needed item(s) to donate as you do your grocery shopping...you can even let them help decide what to buy.

🎒 The food item needed in March and April is one (1) pound bags of dried beads -- either pinto or black.

🎒 Thank you for your generosity to those in need. GFCC appreciates this opportunity to teach our students empathy, gratitide, and sharing.

Sandy Duncan



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