Welcome to Letterland, GFCC Family!

February 24, 2020



🍎🐧 Today, our Penguin friends turned their classroom into an imaginary place where letters come to life—Letterland.
🍎The friendly Letterland characters help children in our 4’s and TK classes to easily understand the sound and shape of letters.
🍎🐧 Led by Quarrelsome Queen and Bouncy Ben, (aka Laura Sechler and Nicole Freyer, the Penguin teachers), our Letterland Penguin friends enjoyed a parade and many other special Letterland activities.
🍎🐧 During Snack, the Penguins watched a Letterland movie and had popcorn, Oscar oranges, and Letterland cookies.
🍎🐧 The Penguins also played with a Letterland train and put together a Letterland puzzle, among other things today.
🍎🐧 We met Clever Cat, Fix-it-Max, Quarrelsome Queen, Harry Hat Man, Firefighter Fred times 3😊, Talking Tess, Impy Ink, Vicky Violet times 3😊, Lucy Lamp Light, and Annie Apple.
🍎🐧 Are you ready to meet our new Letterland friends? Let’s Go!























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