• Tricia Jones

💛🐻 Yellow Bears Celebrate 💯 Days of School!

💯 Yesterday, the Yellow Bear Transition Kindergarten class celebrated 100 Days of School. As our crowns said:


💯 Everything the Yellow Bears did revolved around the number 100. Here is a list of some of their activities.

💛🐻 Each Yellow Bear brought in a collection of 100 things for homework.

💛🐻 100 piece puzzle

💛🐻 Dip and Dot paint for 100

💛🐻 Stack 100 cups

💛🐻 50 Beanie Babies + 50 Wooden Blocks = 100

💛🐻 The Yellow Bear authors and illustrators created a class book entitled: "If I had $100, I would . . . "

💛🐻 At Exploration Table, the children took turns playing with 100 LEGOS, 100 small pegs with boards, 100 PopArtsy beads

💛🐻 One of the Yellow Bear moms made a special and delicious 100 cookie for dessert. Thank You!!

💛🐻 Another important activity that the Yellow Bears participated in was to collectively (as a class) contribute 100 canned food items for a Food Drive.

💛🐻 They stacked ten pyramids of ten food items until they reached 100 cans of food. Their final can total was 108 cans of food.

💯 Thank you, Yellow Bears, for contributing this food to Dorcas Ministries. They were thrilled to receive all of your food donations.

💯 Enjoy these pictures from their day. Woo Hoo!!



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