• Tricia Jones

☘️ Let's Have Some Fun on St. Patrick's Day -- Shamrock Hunt and Pictures

☘️ Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, so let's have some FUN!!

☘️ SHAMROCK HUNT! -- What is it?

☘️ Christine Lucey, one of our 2's teachers shared this idea with us. It has been advertised in various Neighborhood Facebook posts in our communities.

☘️ Over the next few weeks, we are all going to be spending an increasing amount of time at home. We all know with young children, it can be hard to find enough things for them to do over long periods of time.

☘️ This is a way for our little ones to still get outside and do something fun, without touching, sneezing, or coughing on each other.

☘️ The Shamrock Hunt idea was born and the originator thought it would be fun to do this city wide.

☘️ So we thought GFCC should get in on the Shamrock FUN!

☘️ What do we need to do?

☘️ All you have to do is put a Shamrock in your window on March 17th.

☘️ That's it!

☘️ Color it! Paint it! Cut it out! Print it from the printer!

☘️ We've made it easy for you. Just click on the links to print out a Shamrock color page or one that is already colored for you.

☘️ Just put a Shamrock in your window.

☘️ You don't have to have children to participate.

Shamrock Pattern to Color

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Colored

☘️ How do we do the Shamrock Hunt?

☘️ With your little ones, you can get outside!

☘️ You can walk around and see how many Shamrocks you can find!

☘️ Take pictures of your Shamrock finds.

☘️ It's easy! There is no human contact. You get fresh air and exercise.

📷 Pictures

📷 Since we won't be at school on St. Patrick's Day, be like Mr. Giraffe and wear your GREEN festive clothes anyway!

📷 Take a picture of you and your family and share it with us.

📷Take pictures of your Shamrock Hunt and see how many Shamrocks you can find!! Share those with us too!!

📷Text your pictures to 919-271-1522 or email them to wpjones@bellsouth.net

📷 We can still celebrate St. Patrick's Day with our GFCC Family even if we aren't all together at GFCC. ☘️

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