We Miss You GFCC Family!! Show Your HEART ❤️

April 2, 2020



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🍎 Good Morning GFCC Family!
🍎 My post is long but please read to the end for a simple but special activity.
🍎 This Yellow Bear misses her friends, teachers and GFCC. 💛🐻
🍎 In our Yellow Bear Zoom session yesterday, we were talking a little bit about COVID-19 and why it is important for all of us to stay at home with our families right now.
🍎 We all talked about how much we miss each other and our school, and sometimes it makes us sad.
🍎 We decided we needed some sort of symbol that would unite us even when we aren’t together, or if we’re sad and missing our friends, teachers and school.
🍎 Making a HEART ❤️ with our hands is what we came up with.
🍎 I received this sweet picture this morning with the caption,
“_ _ _ says Hi and that she misses all of the yellow bears!” 😢❤️
🍎 So GFCC Family, Let’s Make a HEART the Symbol For Our School!! ❤️
🍎 If you are missing your friends, teachers and school, or if you’re feeling a little sad, Make a HEART with your hands and send us a picture. ❤️ If you can’t quite make a HEART ❤️ with your hands, you can always draw and color a HEART ❤️ too.
🍎 Text your HEART ❤️ pictures to 919-271-1522 so we can LOVE and MISS each other together while we’re separate.

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