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🐸 💛🐻 Activity Ideas from Miss Kerry and Her Yellow Bear

🍎 We have heard from a former Yellow Bear student and his mom, Miss Kerry, who was a teacher in the Leapfrogs class last fall. 💛🐻 🐸 🍎 Their family moved away to a different state, but they still follow us on Instagram and are enjoying all of our posts and ideas that we share. 🍎 Miss Kerry has been teaching her Yellow Bear at home and wanted to share some of the ideas and activities that they have been doing.. 🍎 Word Wall -- They work on the Word Wall list as a family by giving each other clues and shouting out the answers to expand their lists. At her last writing, they were up to the letter M. What letter are you guys working on now, Miss Kerry? 🍎 Sight Words -- Activity #1 Letterland has a great two-page list of Earliest Sight Words. Miss Kerry had her Yellow Bear point out the words he could read by himself and they started a list. Then they call family members, and he reads the words to them on the phone. 🍎 You can view the list in the pictures. You can also download and print this Free Resource from Letterland by clicking the link. 🍎 Sight Words -- Activity #2 Miss Kerry gave her Yellow Bear some old magazines to look for sight words and he circles them. She also gives him some books they have so he can find the words that way. Some days they add new Sight Words to the list, but on other days they just practice what they already have. 🍎 Math -- They are using 10-frames to count out the days in 2020. By using a simple activity on their refrigerator they are keeping track of the days. From a recent picture, it looks like they made it to 💯 🍎 So good to hear from your family! Keep sending those ideas!! THANK YOU!! 💛🐻 🐸 ❤️🤗 #whygfcc #bestpreschoolever

To download and print Letterland's 100 Sight Words List, click this link:

Letterland Free Resource 100 Sight Words

For Other Downloads and Free Resources from Letterland, click this link:


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