🍎 Shout Out to the Kids! 3 Posts from April 28


🍎 Shout Out to the Kids.

🍎 I read this post from former GFCC parent, Emily Wood Brennan, and I think it will be thought provoking and meaningful to our Facebook and Instagram followers of GFCC.

🍎Words from our former Parent, Emily Wood Brennan

β€œThis. Talk to your kids about what they miss and what they worry about...they know and feel more than you think and talking about it may calm some anxiety you didn’t even know they had.”




🍎 Happy Tuesday GFCC Family!

🍎 Let’s keep the β€œMother” theme going today and enjoy a video with Mrs. Turner.

🍎 β€œMother Goony Bird” by Dr. Jean and used with her permission.





🍎 Happy Tuesday GFCC Family!

🍎 Mother’s Day is coming up.

🍎 Here’s Idea #1 for today to commemorate Mother’s Day in the year of COVID-19, 2020.

🍎 These Little Piggies Stayed Home!



~from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

ADORABLE craft idea to make with the kids for a Keepsake.

made by --> Susan Henritzy

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