6 Rainy Day Posts from Thursday, April 30, 2020


🍎 Greetings on a rainy Thursday GFCC family!

🍎 Do you need a new game?

🍎 Bring those pool noodles inside and have a Quarantine Standing Pool Noodle Challenge with your family.





🍎 Here’s something to make you Laugh Out Loud on a rainy Thursday.

🍎 A sweet little Music teacher wrote a song about her feelings during the time of Pandemic.

🍎 The reactions and comments from the commentators are almost as priceless as the teacher’s song.





🍎 Do you think there are any Itsy Bitsy spiders climbing up your waterspouts on this rainy day? What about Big Fat Gorillas? Or Teensy Weensy Ants?

🍎 Mrs. Turner has a song by Dr. Jean where the spider, the gorilla, and ant try to climb a water spout while it’s raining.

🍎 β€œItsy Bitsy Spider” is being used with permission from Dr. Jean.





🍎 Try this Straw Pick Up game on a rainy day!

🍎 For ages 3 and older and your kids can set it up by themselves.





🍎 Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10.

🍎 This would be so cute for your Grandma or Granny or Oma or Mimi or Gigi or Nana or Mawmaw or Memaw or Grammy!!!

🍎 Did I leave anyone out?

🍎 What do you call your Grandmother?





🍎 Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ono have heard from some of their Crayon kids.

🍎 Just look at the fantastic work they have been doing.

🍎 Great Job Crayon Kids!



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