🍎 Seven Posts from Thursday, May 14, 2020


🍎 Good Morning GFCC Family!




🍎 I Love to color with crayons!

🍎 Have you ever wondered how they are made?

🍎 Take a look at this awesome video to see how they are made and packaged.





🍎 It’s not too early to start thinking about Father’s Day!

🍎 Here’s a gift idea - Following in My Daddy’s Shoes.





🍎 Who loves magic?

🍎 You can create some at your own dining room table...and

🍎 ...watch the smiles grow on your children’s faces.





🍎 Let’s have some fun with the ABCs and Mrs. Turner and Hap Palmer.

🍎 Go grab a beanbag or a Beanie Baby and I’ll meet you back at the screen for the “Beanbag Alphabet Rag.”

🍎 An extension of this activity would be to lay out all of the letters of the alphabet on the floor and step on each one as it is mentioned in the song. You could simply write all of the alphabet letters on construction paper or buy a set of tactile alphabet letters.

🍎 The “Beanbag Alphabet Rag”

Words and Music by Hap Palmer © Hap-Pal Music www.happalmer.com





🍎 Keep your beanbag handy because we’re going to do “The Beanbag” song with Mrs. Turner and Hap Palmer.

🍎 Not only is this song fun, but it is also a good song to teach your littles where different parts of their bodies are located.

🍎 Put the beanbag on your head, shoulder, elbow, knee, back, stomach, fingers, foot and arm.

🍎 After the song is over, you could also continue with other parts to teach those locations. For instance - the throat or ankle or shin, and on and on.

🍎 “The Beanbag”

Words and Music by Hap Palmer © Hap-Pal Music www.happalmer.com





🍎 Are you ready for the “Beanbag Shake” challenge with Mrs. Turner and Hap Palmer?

🍎 It’s a little tricky, but I know you can do it.

🍎 The “Beanbag Shake” Words and Music by Hap Palmer © Hap-Pal Music www.happalmer.com




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