🍎 FOUR Happy Friday Posts from May 22!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


🍎 We made it to Friday, GFCC Family! 🍎 Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and remember to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. #whygfcc #bestpreschoolever


🍎🦋 If you go on a walk this weekend, make a pair of butterfly wings and collect things from nature as you go.

🍎🦋 Click on the link for a template for the wings. #whygfcc #bestoreschoolever



🍎Clinginess and Separation Anxiety are the Covid-19 Problems No One Saw Coming!

🍎 Are your children a little more clingy since we’ve all been staying at home? 🍎 This is a good 5-minute read on the topic. #whygfcc




🍎 As we finish the “Unforgettable Coronavirus” 2019-2020 School Year at GFCC, it is appropriate that we tell all of our Family, Friends, Teachers, Staff, and Greenwood Forest Baptist Church how THANKFUL we are for all of you!! 🍎 At our Transition Graduation each year, Mrs. Turner leads us in a song of blessing and Thanksgiving written by Hap Palmer. 🍎 In the comments, I have listed some of the Lyrics for “Things I’m Thankful For.” 🍎 Listen, sing and sign this song with Mrs. Turner and think about what you are Thankful for. 🍎 You may even want to add your Thankful thoughts in the comments too. 😊♥️ 🍎 “Things I’m Thankful For” 🎶Words and Music by Hap Palmer © Hap-Pal Music www.happalmer.com #whygfcc #beststudentsever #bestfamiliesever #bestteachersandstaffever #bestGFBCever #bestpreschoolever


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