🍎☔️ FIVE Good Wednesday Morning GFCC Family Posts!

May 20, 2020



🍎☔️ Good Morning GFCC Family!

🍎☔️ It’s Wednesday, May 20, 2020....

🍎☔️ ...and it’s raining again.

🍎☔️ When I was teaching and we couldn’t go out on the playground, I would remind my class that Rain is Good! We need rain because it gives us water to drink and makes the plants and flowers grow.

🍎☔️ So today, remember, “Rain is good!”


















🍎☔️ Here’s a little ditty to sing with your littles today as you watch it rain and long to be outside.

🍎☔️ Remember from our previous post, “Rain is good.”

🍎☔️ This little song reminds us why.








🍎 “Let’s All Clap Our Hands” with Mrs. Turner and Hap Palmer.

🍎 Can you also shake and bounce... swing and sway... hop and freeze... jump and turn... reach up high stretching for the sky?

🍎Give it a try! 

🍎 “Let’s All Clap Our Hands”

Words and Music by Hap Palmer © Hap-Pal Music www.happalmer.com









🍎 Did you know you could exercise through the ABCs?

🍎 A-Arm Rolls, B-Butterfly Legs, C-Crab Walk, D-Duck Walk...

🍎 What do you think the exercises would be for the rest of the alphabet?

🍎 Click the link to find out.

🍎 Thank You Nicolle Pollaci for sharing the link.









🍎 “There’s a Little Wheel a-Turnin’... in my heart.”

🍎 Follow along with Mrs. Turner and Laurie Berkner to find out what else is turning in our hearts.

🍎 This song is used with permission from Laurie Berkner.








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