🍎 3 Music Video Posts from March 31, 2020


🍎 In the Yellow Bears’ Zoom class today, our little friends brought things to show us that started with the letters T and G.

🍎 Mrs. Turner has recorded a video for us about a turtle which starts with the letter T.

🍎 Enjoy and sing along to β€œI Had a Little Turtle” by Hoopla Kidz.





🍎 Mrs. Turner recorded this video of one of our favorite songs at GFCC - β€œSunny Day” by Elizabeth Mitchell and used with permission from Elizabeth Mitchell. 🍎 Below are the words so we can all sing along on this cloudy Tuesday. β€œThe sun comes up. The flowers bloom. The rain comes down. The flowers grow. People dancing everywhere. The sun comes up again.”

🍎 Thank You Mrs. Turner! #whygfcc #bestpreschoolever



🍎 Good Morning GFCC Family and our Apple class friends!

🍎 Enjoy this sweet Apple and her mom singing two of Mrs. Turner’s songs - a Walking song and also β€œSunny Day.”

🍎 Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember all of the words when we are away from school.

🍎 So make sure you look at our next Facebook and Instagram posts where Mrs. Turner shares a video with us of her performing β€œSunny Day” by Elizabeth Mitchell and I provide the words.

🍎 That way we can all sing along on this cloudy day.




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