🍎 3 Music Video Posts from March 31, 2020


🍎 In the Yellow Bears’ Zoom class today, our little friends brought things to show us that started with the letters T and G.

🍎 Mrs. Turner has recorded a video for us about a turtle which starts with the letter T.

🍎 Enjoy and sing along to “I Had a Little Turtle” by Hoopla Kidz.





🍎 Mrs. Turner recorded this video of one of our favorite songs at GFCC - “Sunny Day” by Elizabeth Mitchell and used with permission from Elizabeth Mitchell. 🍎 Below are the words so we can all sing along on this cloudy Tuesday. “The sun comes up. The flowers bloom. The rain comes down. The flowers grow. People dancing everywhere. The sun comes up again.”

🍎 Thank You Mrs. Turner! #whygfcc #bestpreschoolever



🍎 Good Morning GFCC Family and our Apple class friends!

🍎 Enjoy this sweet Apple and her mom singing two of Mrs. Turner’s songs - a Walking song and also “Sunny Day.”

🍎 Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember all of the words when we are away from school.

🍎 So make sure you look at our next Facebook and Instagram posts where Mrs. Turner shares a video with us of her performing “Sunny Day” by Elizabeth Mitchell and I provide the words.

🍎 That way we can all sing along on this cloudy day.




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