• Tricia Jones

Art – A Valuable Teaching Tool for the Crayon Kids

Nov 15, 2015

As is true for all of the classes at GFCC, there is considerable value in creating art to teach academic and social concepts in our curriculum. Naira Ono and Becky Waight, the teachers in the Crayon classroom, use art to ready their students for kindergarten in many ways.

  • By holding paintbrushes and learning how to control paint, crayons, scissors, and other art tools, the Crayon kids gain the skills necessary for later writing activities.

  • Making art offers children a multitude of choices and many decisions to make as well as problems to solve. What color should I use? How do you get the legs to stick on a clay figure? Should I use crayons or markers? Glue or tape?

  • Art can be integrated in all aspects of our curriculum, and content from every subject matter can find form through art.

  • Mathematics/Geometry: Children become aware of different sizes, shapes, and lines.

  • Science: Paint changes texture as it dries. Paints change color when they are mixed together.

  • Language: Children learn to talk about their art and the art of others and develop the vocabulary of art.

  • Social skills: By sharing paints and paper, cooperating on a group art project, and assuming responsibility for cleaning up, children gain valuable social skills through making art.

This week the Crayon Kids have been creating art:

  • from their Healthy Body and Food unit. Note the picture of the whole class in front of their "Our Bodies" artwork.

  • related to the letters D and P.

  • about Thanksgiving and the Native Americans.

Give your child every opportunity to create art. It is so important in a young child's overall development.

Excerpts taken from: The Value of Art for the Preschool Child


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