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🍎 At GFCC, My 4-year-old Will Learn...

🍎 The major goals for all students at GFCC are to feel that school is a fun place to be, to learn that teachers and classmates care about them, and to know that Mom or Dad will always come back at carpool time and take them home.

🍎 The main focus at GFCC for a 4-year-old are learning Social Skills:

  • Making new friends

  • Following directions

  • Peacefully resolving ones own conflicts (conflict resolution)

🍎 Also of prime importance at GFCC for a 4-year-old is learning how to:

  • Take care of bathroom needs

  • Keep up with possessions

  • Become able to put on coats and to snap, button, zip and tie. Consequently, bags, cubbies, coat hooks and sinks at child level, art drying racks, and easily accessible storage for specific items are a convenience but also serve a dual purpose.

🍎 A 4-year-old at GFCC will begin learning about things in a few additional areas -- Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art. Remember, this may be the first time that some children are introduced to these new skills and concepts and are not expected to be mastered this year. Be patient; they are just beginning a lifetime journey of education.

🍎 Language

  • Write and recognize name

  • Introduce upper and lower case letters

  • Introduce the phonetic sounds they make

  • Encourage language by the teacher reading fiction and nonfiction books at story time and telling flannel board stories

  • In the Book Center, the child explores books and flannel boards on their own

  • In the Listening Center, books on tape or CD are shared

  • Introduction to writers and illustrators and learning that 4-year-old children can write and illustrate too.

🍎 Math

  • Introduce numbers 1 - 10

  • Number recognition

  • Number to object correlation (by the touch method of counting)

  • Simple math games that include grouping, graphing, sorting, colors and shapes, and math language concepts, such as largest-smallest and more-less

  • Calendars

🍎 Science

Introducing science through our environment:

  • Air takes up space and makes things move

  • Transportation

  • How plants grow

  • Weather and seasons

  • Dinosaurs

  • Forest animals, farm animals, and household pets

  • 5 senses

  • Shadows

  • Age-appropriate experiments related to daily themes

  • Sink and float

  • Magnets

  • Magnifying glasses

  • Insects

  • Life cycles

  • Balancing/weights

  • Our body

  • Ocean -- shells and ocean life

  • Evaporation

🍎 Social Studies

  • Learning about our world through our holiday customs

  • Learning about other cultures

  • Community helpers

  • Phone number and address

  • Historical people

🍎 Art

  • Colors -- primary and secondary

  • Basic shapes recognition

  • Fine motor skills using glue, scissors, pencils, paint brush, stencils and which hand they will use

  • Creative art and self expression through many media (i.e. finger paints, brush painting, play dough, GAK, combinations of many materials)

🍎 Through each of these experiences, our goal is to instill in each child a desire to question, explore, and learn in a positive manner and to develop a continuing "love for and joy in" a child's educational journey.

🍎 Below, please enjoy some pictures that demonstrate some of the happy learning activities that our 4-year-old children experience.




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