• Tricia Jones

B is for Building Blocks and…

Nov 7, 2015

. . . bodies and brains and bones and biggest. Healthy bodies was the theme in the Building Blocks classroom last week. Led by their teachers, Loura Sanabia and Kelly Cox-Jones, these 4-year-old students had fun learning about the human body. By using stethoscopes, the Building Blocks found out what their heartbeat sounds like. They also discovered:

  • the size of their heart and brain

  • how many bones we have

  • the largest and smallest bones

  • what their biggest organ is and how much it weighs

  • the nine ways to stay healthy

  • how we catch germs and the importance of washing their hands and body

  • how important and fun a visit to the doctor can be.

All of the children loved learning about their organs, bones, muscles, and how to stay healthy, but the Building Blocks had other lands and centers to explore. No week would be complete without a visit to Letterland and meeting Oscar Orange for the letter "O." They explored their favorite center, the Block Center. They also worked on group floor puzzles, matching and memory games, art, and writing. The Building Blocks had so much fun this week, they didn't even realize how much they were learning.

Thank you, Building Blocks teachers, for Making Learning Totally Fun!!

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