• Tricia Jones

Busy Bees

Jan 3 2016

We had a fun month in the Busy Bee room. We are working on:

  • color recognition and matching.

  • sorting objects by color.

  • shape recognition. The shape of the month is a star.

  • concepts top/bottom.

  • A star goes on top of tree; presents go at the bottom.

  • off and on.

  • Christmas lights go off and on. We have pictures of lights with buttons to turn off and on.

  • patterns with pattern cards and counters, and we started working on a harder patterns AABB (stockings picture, red, red, green, green).

  • dot sheets at the easel.

  • large motor: Because of the angle of the arm, using the easel works the shoulder and entire arm.

  • fine motor. Strengthening hands using clothes pins to hang little stockings on the rope, and other fine motor toys in pictures.

  • We had pajama day and went on the Polar Express to the North Pole. We are practicing pretend play (language development, imagination, social development).

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