• Tricia Jones

Coloring with the Crayons in February

Feb 21 2016

The students in the Crayon class have been learning many exciting things during this month of February. We started talking about Groundhog Day fun and making shadows of different objects in our room. We are also learning and talking about how to take care of our teeth.

We went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science in downtown Raleigh. It was an incredible experience for the children. They saw dinosaurs, lizards, butterflies, and so much more!

Last week, we had our Valentine's Day party. The children had lots of fun making valentines and playing with their friends.

We are now learning the lowercase letters w, v, d, and a!

This week we have talked about our country and celebrated Flag Day. We had a special day dedicated to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

To end the month, we all also talk about the zoo, post office and friends around the world!

Crayons are always having FUN learning inside and outside of the classroom.

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