• Tricia Jones

Creative Movement at GFCC

Dec 14 2015

Take a peek into Miss JoElllen's Creative Movement class and you may see children positioned on their colorful circle dot spot, poised on their launch pad in rocket ready position, stretching their little bodies, or lined up to receive their magic moving dust.

These are just a few of the activities that JoEllen Bingham uses to engage the Preschool children at GFCC in creative movement. Miss JoEllen is our creative movement specialist who leads classes once a week for the 3's, 4's and Transition Kindergarten.

Creative movement can have a powerful impact in children's daily lives because it is both a physical activity and a vehicle for self-expression. It offers the rich experience of exploring and creating, with the added benefits of lively movement. Here are some reasons to encourage children to participate in creative movement.

  • Creative movement gives children opportunities to move in new ways and helps them learn that there can be more than one solution to a question, a problem, or a task.

  • Listening and responding to directions, offering suggestions, exploring others' ideas while waiting for a turn, and simply moving in a shared space together are opportunities for learning and practicing social skills.

  • While participating in creative movement activities, children learn to control their bodies. They become aware of how fast or slow they are moving, how to speed up or slow down, how to stop and start, and how to control their bodies when they change direction. They learn important spatial concepts.

  • Creative movement keeps children active and offers them a healthy opportunity for physical activity.

Creative movement at GFCC offers our preschoolers another opportunity to learn while having fun. What better way to get your wiggles out and exercise our minds and bodies than to stretch and dance and explore in Creative Movement.

Excerpts taken from: Young Children and Movement; The Power of Creative Dance


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