• Tricia Jones

🍎 GFCC's December 3rd Kindness Calendar Suggestion!

🍎 Our Kindness Calendar suggestion for December 3, 2020, is to "Give a compliment to someone."

🍎 First, talk to your preschooler about what a "compliment" is.

🍎 Merriam-Webster's Online dictionary for children says a compliment is:

"a remark that says something good about someone or something.

  • She gave/paid me a compliment. [=she said something nice about me]

  • I received a nice compliment yesterday. [=someone said something nice about me yesterday]"

🍎 Teaching your child how to give and receive a compliment will help them to appreciate others and to feel appreciated as well.

🍎 The children at GFCC receive compliments from their teachers and friends and also learn how to give compliments to their friends and family.




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