🍎 Happy Veterans Day from Greenwood Forest Children's Center!

🍎 Does your Preschooler know what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it?

🍎 In 2014 when I was teaching in the Blue Bear classroom at GFCC, we recognized Veterans Day by:

  • reading a story about veterans entitled "Veterans -- Heroes in Our Neighborhood" by Valerie Pfundstein. (Pictured below is the front of the book as well as a YouTube link where you and your little one can actually hear this story being read aloud by Mrs. Lemansky.)

  • inviting Major Bob May, a dad from the Yellow Bear classroom who had served in the Army and National Guard to come and speak to both classes.

  • making a star "Thank You" wreath for Major May. (Pictured below is a sample star wreath craft.)

🍎 We learned many things about veterans that day and how important it is to thank veterans for their service.

🍎 You may want to talk with your preschooler about these simple facts, hear the read-aloud story, and make a star wreath too.

🍎 The wreath craft is pictured below.

Veterans Day Facts

1. What is a veteran? Someone (a man or woman) who is in the military

2. Why are we thankful for veterans? Because they keep us safe and protect us

3. What number date in the month of November do we celebrate Veteran’s Day? 11th

4. How do people celebrate Veterans Day? Parades, church services, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, making wreaths

5. If you have a hat on when you are about to say the Pledge of Allegiance, do you keep your hat on or take it off? Take it off and hold it over your heart with your right hand.

Read aloud by Mrs. Lemansky


To make the Star Wreath, all you need are:

  • construction paper stars

  • a glue stick

  • a paper plate with the middle circle cut out, and

  • some ribbon.

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