• Tricia Jones

In This School...

In this school, you'll sing and laugh and grow.

In this school, we'll teach you some of the coolest things you know.

In this school, we'll help carry the burdens too much for little shoulders to bear.

In this school, you are a treasure both beautiful and rare.

In this school, you may always seek comfort in gentle, loving arms.

In this school, we'll protect you from all harms.

In this school, your laugh and smile will make our hearts sing.

In this school, you will discover the magic learning will bring.

In this school, we believe you will soar past the limits of the sky.

In this school is the gift of roots and wings to fly.

In this school, we'll love you from the start

Because when you walk into this school, you walk into our hearts!

(Adapted from the poem, "In This Room," by Heather Price

http://heathersfirstgradeheart.blogspot.com/2012/07/is-your-heart-in-your-room.html )



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