• Tricia Jones

January in the Blue Puppy Class

Jan 16 2016

Shape Rockets!

  • The children constructed a rocket made entirely of shapes.

  • They did this completely on their own, using a sample as their guide.

  • We talked about rockets and what makes them go....


  • The children made "Oval" Penguins!

  • We discussed the fact that penguins don't fly but are VERY suited to their climate.

  • The Daddy Penguins care for the egg (it sits on top of their feet, under their fat bellies), while the Mommy Penguins look for food.

  • We had a tub of ice and toy penguins in the classroom for some Arctic fun ... and some COLD fingers!


  • The children snipped "snow blocks" out of paper and glued them down to make their own igloos.

  • We talked about how animals and people can adapt to very cold temperatures.

  • Did you know that the Inuits (people of the Canadian Arctic) build fires inside of their igloos and stay toasty warm?

More January topics to come...

  • Winter Trees

  • Bears in Hibernation

  • Teddy Bear Picnic and Parade

  • Pajama Day

It's always fun to play and learn in the Blue Puppy Class!!!

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