• Tricia Jones

“Learn and Play with Mary Kay” Playspace

Sept 13, 2015

About this same time last year, our dear friend and coworker, Mary Kay Foulke was to begin her 30th year of teaching at Greenwood Forest Children's Center. However, after undergoing medical tests over the summer, it was learned that Mary Kay had developed lung cancer. She resigned her teaching position in order to begin treatment and fight this disease. You see, Mary Kay had been a cancer survivor from a previous diagnosis. Despite her treatments and fight, Mary Kay found out that this new cancer was far more advanced. Mary Kay passed away on September 28, 2014.

If you were blessed to have Mary Kay as your child's teacher or to know her as a family member, friend or colleague, you will agree that she touched many lives -- young and old. The Foulke family requested that memorial donations be made to GFCC, the school she loved. The GFCC staff then requested this collected money be used to honor and create a visual reminder of our dear friend, mentor, and coworker. She was a blessing to each of us and to our school, students, and parents.

A committee was formed of family members, GFCC staff, GFBC members, and a landscape design professional in order to create and fulfill the wishes of the Foulke family. Thank you to committee members Ken Foulke, Meghan Foulke Brown, Sandy Duncan, Susan Parrish, Suzanne Edney, Bill Coleman, and Wanda and David Johnson. You truly fulfilled your goal: to create a play space that "will be a compact, magical, whimsical, play and learning space to excite and stimulate the children's senses and imagination through color, design, and motion in keeping with the spirit of Mary Kay's teaching style."

Through donations from family, friends, co-teachers, and others, and the building and artistic expertise of Wanda and David Johnson, we are happy to report that this 10' by 13' magical, whimsical, memorial play space is complete. We are very excited to have this great space to remember Mary Kay's dedication to children and Greenwood Forest Children's Center. It will be a wonderful place for children to create, explore, and imagine.

At a date to be determined, we will all come together to remember our loved one and dedicate the "Learn and Play with Mary Kay" play space.

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