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🎩☘️ On the GREEN Menu Today, We Have...

💚 If we were in school this year, our Transition Kindergarten (TK) children would have embraced "G" Week on St. Patrick's Day by sharing a GREEN lunch.

💚 GFCC parents are the best, and they helped our TK classes enhance their GREEN experience by providing all of the GREEN items for the lunch.

💚 As you can imagine, some foods were gobbled up and others were just stared at. Most of the children tried at least a few things even though they were GREEN.

💚 Our menu included: green cucumber slices, green spinach pasta mac and cheese, Seven Seas Green Goddess dressing, green apple slices, green celery sticks, green Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, green grapes, green zucchini strips, green spinach and turkey tortilla pinwheels, green kiwi slices, green Jell-o cups, green baby spinach leaves, green juice boxes and green iced sugar cookies for dessert. All of these delicious foods were festively served on green plates with green napkins.

💚 The pictures below from past St. Patrick's Day lunches remind us of another of the fabulous learning experiences that the students at GFCC are able to enjoy and share with their friends.



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