• Tricia Jones

Orange Bears Take the Path to Math with Graphing

Oct 18, 2015

Graphs are tools for visually organizing and comparing data about two or more sets of items. Graphing can be a way for young students to apply what they know about classification, counting, and one-to-one correspondence. http://illinoisearlylearning.org/tipsheets/math-graphs.htm

Our Orange Bear teachers, Tammy Eversole and Nicolle Pollaci, have been helping their students classify many things this fall. They have done graphs on:

  • the first letter of their students' names

  • their birthdays, and

  • Which kind of apple is your favorite?

The Orange Bears meet three days a week. Their days are filled with:

- Social skill development

- Family and community

- PreK Handwriting

- Pre-literacy and vocabulary

- Math and science

- Music and creative movement

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