• Tricia Jones

Penguins Meet Firemen

Oct 26, 2015

Teaching young children about Community Helpers connects them to their neighborhood and lets them see and practice these types of occupations. Community Helpers can be defined as any professionals who aid in the overall well-being and health of the community -- doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, construction workers, dentists, librarians, grocery store workers, and even teachers.

The students in the Penguin class have been learning about firefighters. Their teachers, Christy Rudd and Laura Sechler, have provided some rich experiences for these young children to remember how important Community Helpers are in our lives. Not only have they let them dress up like firefighters in the classroom, they have given them the opportunity to meet real firefighters, explore their firefighter suits, and see a real firetruck.

I'm a Firefighter

(by Judy Hall)

Sung to: "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a firefighter

Dressed in red,

With my fire hat

On my head.

I can drive the fire truck,

Fight fires, too,

And help to make things

Safe for you.



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