• Tricia Jones

Rumble in the Jungle Summer Camp

July 5, 2015

"There's a rumble in the jungle.

There's a whisper in the trees.

The animals are waking up

And rustling the leaves.

Rumble In the Jungle

2015 Rumble In the Jungle Summer Camp was a huge success with 23 happy campers!

Our jungle explorations of snakes, insects, and animals, that live in the jungles, was polished off with a visit from Animal Ed.ventures. Animals that came to visit our campers were:

African Hedgehog

Rare Madagascar Hedgehog



African Fox

Many exotic fruits, grown in tropical areas, were introduced: coconut, bananas, papaya, and kiwi to name a few.

Lynne Mitchell, a GFCC 3s teacher, loaned her son's pet boa constrictor to the camp for the week. Children observed the boa through it's clear aquarium home. He was quite a center of interest.

Of course, no camp is complete without a Water Fun Day with sprinklers, misters, water squirters, and frozen treats.

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