• Tricia Jones

Shout Out from Sandy - Free Kindergarten Readiness Through Project Enlightenment

Oct 22, 2015

Project Enlightenment offers free kindergarten readiness program

Project Enlightenment, Wake County School system's early education and intervention program, is offering a free program for kids who will enter kindergarten next fall.

The Getting Ready for Kindergarten Program is offered to families who live in Wake County, have limited family income and have a child who was 4 by August 31, 2015, and isn't in preschool.

Kids will learn skills during teacher-led play groups once a week for 28 weeks. Kids will take part in activities, have snack and take materials to use at home. While the kids are playing and learning, parents and siblings remain on site and can attend group discussions that are focused on kindergarten readiness.

The programs are held at four locations across Wake County. Project Enlightenment's website has more information.


​Article from: Go Ask Mom


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