• Tricia Jones

Shout Out from Sandy – Spaghetti Dinner Rescheduled

Nov 1, 2015


The GFCC Spaghetti Dinner will need to be rescheduled for a later date.

The church’s main kitchen downstairs in the Fellowship Hall has plumbing issues that require restricted use of the kitchen and bathroom facilities. Plumbers need to dig up and replace sections of underground pipe. Weather conditions have delayed progress and pushed the completion date into mid-week.

After much thought and consideration, a decision has been made by the GFCC Committee and myself, to pick up our Family Dinner Night later in the year and continue on with the Raffle/Auction. We will need to create a new format for the Raffle/Auction event and that will require a little more time. More information on the Raffle/Auction process will come to you very soon. Any cash or checks that were turned into the office for the Dinner will be handed to you in carpool line this week.

Sandy Duncan

GFCC Director

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