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🍎 What Does a 2-Year-Old Student Learn at GFCC?

🍎 The main goal in the 2-year-old program is for students to have a smooth transition from the one-on-one parent/child relationship to a group/teacher situation and to feel safe and happy away from their parents.

🍎 School at GFCC is a place...

  • to learn

  • to share

  • to use words to settle conflicts

  • to "wait" and take turns

  • to sit for a short story

  • to participate in music

  • to walk quietly in the hallways

  • to follow directions given by teachers

  • to separate from Mom and Dad with few tears

  • to follow 1 - 2 step instructions

  • to play with each other with appropriate interactions

  • to express in words your needs/wants/feelings

  • to follow playground safety rules

  • to become familiar with and use art supplies: glue, paint, playdough, crayons/markers/pencils

  • to be comfortable with some new experiences during the year

  • to snack together

  • to help put classroom toys away.

🍎 It is our purpose to help each child have a positive, happy first experience at school that will develop into a lasting love for and joy in the educational process.

🍎 Below, please enjoy some December pictures that demonstrate some of the happy learning activities that our 2-year-old children experience.




🍎 Our Class Offerings, Age Requirements, Fees, Registration Forms, Tour Scheduling Information and more can be located on the Registration tab of our website or by clicking on this link and all of the internal links within the Registration tabs:


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