• Tricia Jones

The Apples of our Eye!

Oct 4, 2015

We are having bushels of fun in the Apple classroom. Our older 2's are moving, exploring and experiencing so many new things. Their teachers are Laurie Cirioli and Jamie Nuss.

At GFCC, we believe that early exposure to literacy and math concepts is important, so our Apples have already been working on:

  • Number recognition.

  • One-to-one correspondence counting.

  • Reviewing shapes and colors.

  • Patterns.

Social, emotional, and physical development are equally as important as cognitive development in building self-confidence and kindergarten readiness. The Apples are finding out that even at age 2, they can learn:

  • How to play with their friends in a kind way.

  • How to walk in a line.

How do you like these Apples?

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