• Tricia Jones

The Blue Bears Are 100 Days Smarter

Feb 27 2016

On Thursday, February 17,

the Blue Bears celebrated their

100th Day of School.

Below are the Blue Notes

from this day.

This is "Ff" Week.

Here is what the Blue Bears did on

Thursday, February 17, 2016

100th Day of School Celebration

Line Leader / Helper -- Blue Bear JE

Early Arrival Activities -- We measured and fit the 100-Day crowns we have been working on for the last ten school days.

Also during Early Arrival time and Free Centers, the Blue Bears:

  • built pyramids with 100 plastic cups. This was a favorite of the class. They even asked if we could do this again sometime.

  • played with 50 beanie babies and built them habitats with 50 wooden blocks -- 50 + 50 = 100.

· Fairy Tale Day -- Part 1 -- Three of our friends won't be at school on Friday, so we asked them to dress up as their Fairy Tale characters today.


· Once upon a time, in a land right in the middle of Cary, NC, we were honored to have the following guests: Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Prince Charming. We can't wait to see who visits the Blue Bears tomorrow.

Story -- Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten, by Joseph Slate. Miss Bindergarten asked the children in her classroom to bring in a collection of 100 items just like the Blue Bears did....And what a collection we had!! And they were all different!! Please visit our classroom to check out our bulletin board. Here's what our creative Blue Bears brought in:

  • 100 Dominoes -- sorted by colors in groups of 20

  • 100 Froot Loops cereal

  • 100 Honey Nut Cheerios

  • 100 Seashell pasta

  • 100 Chocolate Chips

  • 100 Beads on a cord

  • 100 Blue Bear shapes sorted in Snack bags

  • 100 Elbow Macaroni

  • 100 M&Ms

  • 100 Goldfish and 100 "Ff" words

  • 100 Piece mixture -- marshmallows, beads, Goldfish, Q-Tips, Toothpicks, Candy, Cheerios

  • 100 Skittles

  • 100 Lego eyeballs

  • 100 Rocks

  • 100 Conversation hearts

Our Blue Bears are so smart that all of them did a multiplication problem to count and sort their 100 items. They told us they counted 10 items and put them in 10 stacks or lines -- (10 x 10 = 100). One of our Blue Bears even counted 20 items and put them in 5 stacks -- (20 x 5 = 100) Wow!! Kiss their brains for us tonight.

We use counting sticks to keep up with the number of days we have been in school. Ask your Blue Bear about the bundling of the sticks today. We had to bundle our counting sticks twice toady. The ones pocket had ten yellow sticks, so we had to bundle them and trade that bundle for one green counting stick (which is the same as or equals ten). Then low and behold, when we counted our green counting sticks by tens, we had ten of those which made 100. So we had to trade our ten green counting sticks for one red counting stick (which is the same as or equals 100).

Congratulations on bringing in 110 cans of food today. We stacked them in pyramids of ten food items until we reached 100 cans of food. Thanks to you, we had to make an extra pyramid. Thank You for contributing this food to Dorcas Ministries. They will be thrilled to receive all of your food donations. I think we are going to "Fill someone's bucket" today.

We ate the number 100 today! We had a special 100-Day snack. Ask your Blue Bear what is was. (a pretzel rod and two doughnuts that looked like the number 100 on our plates; one doughnut was chocolate and the other one was vanilla) Check out our picture.

It was a busy 100th Day...and all of this happened before Center time. How else could we celebrate the number 100? Keep reading...............

Art Table and Art Easel -- At Art Table we made a Blue Bear classroom book -- If I Had One Hundred Dollars, I would . . . . This book started making its rounds today. Look for it to come home with your Blue Bear soon.

At Art Easel, we made "100" glasses. These came home with your Blue Bear today.

Challenge Table -- We put together a 100-piece Safari puzzle. The Blue Bears love puzzles and by the time we finished the last Center rotation, we saw a beautiful jungle scene. ("Hands in the middle, Blue Bears; 1...2...3...Good Game!!")

Exploration Table -- The Blue Bears took turns sorting, stacking, stringing, and building with 100 things:

  • 100 Pennies

  • 100 LEGOS

  • 100 Beads on pipe cleaners

  • 100 Pop Art beads

Ff -- We were so busy with our 100 Day Celebration that we did not havae time to add any "Ff" words to our Word Wall. We will definitely do that tomorrow and also count all of the words on our wall.

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