• Tricia Jones

The Busy Bees of Spring

March 28 2016

The Busy Bees have been busy in the month of March. We have had lots of fun working on:

  • Color: purple

  • Shapes: diamond (kites) and oval (eggs)

  • Concept: same and different

  • We have talked about weather, kites (diamonds), pond life, rainbows, Easter eggs (ovals) and bunnies.

  • We have started working on basic graphs.

  • Busy Bee's favorite color,

  • Determining which color has more

  • Which color has less

  • We have started working more on pre-writing skills.

  • Drawing horizontal lines from a bee to its hive during morning carpool time

  • Using a paint brush and salt tray to make designs

  • As always, we continue to review counting, colors, and shapes during every class.

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