• Tricia Jones

The Orange Bears in January

Jan 24 2016

Birds and Penguins!

  • The Orange Bears water colored birds and glued penguins together.

  • We discussed migration and how birds are different than other animals because they have feathers.

  • We learned that penguins don't fly but are VERY suited to their climate.

  • The Daddy Penguins care for the egg, while the Mommy Penguins look for food.

  • Our water table was filled with ice, water beads, penguins and Olaf for some Arctic fun ... and COLD fingers!

Snowmen and Mittens!

  • We talked about big, medium, and small to make a snowman and what a snowman needs to wear.

  • We reviewed what items we need to stay warm when we are outside during the winter.

  • The Orange Bears also worked on their cutting skills to cut out a mitten.

Winter Trees and Ice Cube Painting!

  • The Orange Bears painted with empty thread spools to show snowflakes in winter tree art.

  • The students used their creativity using ice cube paints to paint masterpieces.

More JANUARY Activities!

  • By matching cards and playing search and find in the water table, we worked on letter and number identification.

  • The Orange Bears used tongs to pinch pompoms and sort them by color to work on our fine motor muscles used for handwriting.

More January Topics to Come . . .

  • Bears in Hibernation

  • Teddy Bear Picnic and Parade

  • Pajama Day

It's fantastic to learn through play in the Orange Bear Class!!

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