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The Penguins in January

Feb 1 2016


The Penguins learned how to write the letters D, P, B, R and K by using various Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) methods:

· Rolling the letters out with play dough

· Practicing writing the letters on HWT chalkboards

· Using the HWT wooden lines and curves to make letters

· Using a sand tray to practice writing each letter with our fingers, and

· Using the HWT magnetic board to practice writing each letter.

  • We also practiced how to make diagonal lines for writing R and K.

  • Reading and singing about the Letterland Characters continues to be a highlight in our class.

  • Practicing each letter sound and coming up with words that begin with that sound is a fun challenge. We also like to see who has the letter of the week in their name.

Winter Clothes!

  • We read the book, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, by Shirley Neitzel. This fun repetitive, rhyming book allowed the Penguins to interact with their teacher to read as a class.

  • Each Penguin has practiced very hard this month to master putting on their jackets, hats, mittens, and scarves.

  • We discussed what type of clothes you wear in different weather/seasons.

Snow Transportation!

  • Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, sledding and snowmobiles are some of the different ways you can get around in the snow.

  • In art, we made our own ice skates.

  • In music, we "ice skated" using wax paper on a "Plastic" sheet of ice.

Winter Animal Tracks, Habitats, and Food!

  • We read In the Snow: Who’s Been Here?, by Lindsey Barrett George. The book focused on using your “detective” skills while being on a walk in the woods.

  • The Penguins pretended to be Nature Detectives as we looked for clues as to what animals do in the winter. The Penguins came up with their own ideas about what they have spied while being outside during winter. Some of the observations were:

· Birds eating berries and digging worms,

· Squirrels gathering nuts and seeds for their nest, and

· Holes in our backyard.

  • The Penguins enjoyed discussing how different animals hibernate in the winter. For art we made our very own bear caves. We used Teddy Grahams for our pretend bears. Of course, the Teddy Grahams made a delicious snack.

  • Our feathered friends, we discovered, need extra help finding food in the winter. With the help of toilet paper rolls, sunbutter, and birdseeds, we made our very own bird feeders. Hopefully those Sneaky Snacky Squirrels won’t eat our seeds!

Snow and Ice!

The Penguins were busy exploring snow and ice during January.

  • Did you know you can make snow out of baking soda and hair conditioner?

  • Playing with snowman therapy putty helped strengthen our hands and fingers for writing.

  • In art, we painted large snowmen, practiced cutting snowflakes out of coffee filters, and made our own beautiful snowflakes out of wagon wheel noodles.

Penguins and Polar Bears!

  • We discussed many amazing penguin and polar bear facts in circle.

  • At our discovery table, we played with penguins in water. Also at discovery and as a way to demonstrate how polar bears use icebergs as a way of getting around the artic to find food, we played with icebergs made from water frozen in plastic bags.

  • As our science experiment, we covered plastic gloves in shortening to see how artic animals stay warm in the cold. We each took turns dipping one bare hand in ice water and one hand covered with the “bear paw” to see if “blubber” could actually keep your hand warm. Who knew blubber could be a good thing!

Literacy and Math!

  • We continue to review all the letters we have worked on thus far this year.

  • This month we introduced rhyming words. As we read during circle, we like to keep an ear out to see if we hear any words that rhyme. We will continue working with this concept through the end of the year.

  • The Penguins are making great progress recognizing numbers 1 – 20.

Great Job Penguins!!

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