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To Be a Super Star...

Feb 6 2016

To Be a Super Star, you have to:

  • HAVE FUN!!

  • practice your handwriting.

  • learn and explore Penguins and other animals in Winter Hibernation.

  • Celebrate Groundhog Day!

  • practice brushing your teeth on your favorite stuffed animal.

  • learn about T-Rex and all of his meat eating friends.

  • did we mention..... HAVE FUN!!

Letterland Fun and Handwriting!

  • We learned about some new friends in Letterland -- Oscar Orange (letter O), Quarrelsome Queen (letter Q), Golden Girl (letter G), Sammy Sake (letter S), and Jumping Jim (letter J).

  • The children enjoyed listening to each Letterland character song and practicing their action signs that go along with the sound each letter makes.

  • We enjoyed sharing the items that were brought in for Show and Tell on Letter Days. It was discovered that there are many objects that begin with the letter S, but not too many that begin with the letter Q!!

  • The Super Stars learned how to write the uppercase and lowercase letters, O, Q, G, S and J using the Handwriting Without Tears wooden lines and curves.

  • We continued to practice writing our letters in our HWT workbooks as well as creating a fun letter craft. Glittery G was a favorite!!

Penguins and Animals in Winter Hibernation!

  • We learned all about Penguins and the number 10 while making a picture of 10 penguins on an iceberg!

  • Reading the story Tacky the Penguin was a favorite book for all of the Super Stars. Ask your Super Star how Tacky saved the day. Everybody loves Tacky!!

  • We talked about animals that hibernate in the winter and the number 6 while making a hibernating bear in a cave under 6 stars. To further enhance that hibernation takes place in the winter, our caves even had snow all around them!

Groundhog Day!

  • Everybody was so excited to learn that the groundhog did not see his shadow and Spring will be here soon! We all agreed that the snow was fun, but Super Stars are ready for warmer weather!

  • Talking about Groundhog Day gave us an opportunity to experiment with making shadows in the Super Star classroom, the Music room and the playground. We had a beautiful sunny day and had lots of fun!

Dental Health

  • Since February is National Children's Dental Month, the Super Stars joined the Blue Bears for an In-House Field Trip down the hall to hear from two Dental Hygienists from Cary Pediatric Dentistry.

  • They talked to the children about:

  • how important it is to take care of our teeth.

  • the best way to brush our teeth,

  • how long we should brush and the frequency of times during the day.

  • the foods we eat and how they affect our teeth.

  • the number of teeth we have. We even got to count our teeth.

  • how important it is to go to the dentist two times a year and to take care of our teeth all year long!

  • We left the session with a goody bag and letter/activity packet. These came from:

  • Cary Pediatric Dentistry. http://www.carypediatricdentistry.com/


  • We started learning about the many different types of dinosaurs and when they ruled the earth.

  • T-Rex and all of his meat-eating friends were the types we studied first. Next week we will continue to discuss plant-eating dinosaurs and learn about their days on Earth.

  • Dinosaur bones are super cool and we have a field trip planned to the Museum of Natural Sciences to learn how dinosaurs were discovered and see them their skeletons up close.

Super Stars . . .

  • . . . continue to work hard on learning their upper- and lowercase letters and the numbers from 1 - 20.

  • . . . love Art time and is always a favorite part of the day. Whether it is easel painting, drawing or coloring, they enjoy it all.

  • . . . use the Writing Center to practice tracing, cutting and being super creative

  • . . . love sunny days when we can run and play on the playground and work on our gross motor skills while building muscles on those monkey bars. We love to create fun games and run fast!!!

Coming up in February

  • Continued discussions about dinosaurs and volcanoes

  • More Letterland Fun

  • Valentine's Day Fun and Party

  • Presidents Day Fun

  • One of the favorite days of the year -- Letter P day when we get to wear our pajamas to school!!

Super Job Super Stars!!

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