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Todays the Day -- Barnes and Noble Bookfair

March 14 2016

WHAT: Barnes & Noble Bookfair

WHEN: Monday, March 14th

1:00 Session

6:30 Session

WHERE: Barnes & Noble

760 SE Maynard Road,

Cary, NC

1:00 Session:

We had so much fun this afternoon at the first session of the Barnes & Noble Bookfair -- Story time, Songs, Prizes, Cupcake decorating and of course, a little shopping. Take a look at our pictures below.

6:30 Session:

If you were unable to join us at 1:00, there is a 6:30 Session tonight -- Story time, Songs, Scavenger Hunt, pizza or sandwiches at the B&N Cafe, and of course, a little more shopping.

What's That?? You can't attend either session of

our bookfair at Barnes & Noble??

No worries... Visit www.BN.com/bookfairs to support us online from 03/14/16 - 03/19/16.

Make your selections and use our school's ID number (11820255) at checkout. Points from your purchase (made anywhere in the United States) will count toward GFCC's proceeds and our media budget.

THANK YOU for supporting GFCC while you shop!!!!!!!

Take a look at our FUN at the 1:00 Session!

Miss JoEllen got us dancing with some crazy activities we help her do during our Movement Class at school.

Mrs. Sampson reviewed the parts of a book with us, and then she read The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle. We helped her read the story by rubbing our hands together every time the cricket tried to make a sound. Then at the end Mrs. Sampson let us hear the sound the very quiet cricket made.

Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Freyer drew names out of the fishbowl for prizes. Here are two of the winners.

Time for shopping and decorating cupcakes...

All of our classes did artwork to decorate the walls of Barnes & Noble. Take a look at our great creations.

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