• Tricia Jones

🎩☘️ β€œTop of the morning to β€˜ya.”

πŸ’š If we were in school this year, we would have greeted our Transition Kindergarten (TK) children with the Irish phrase: 🎩☘️ β€œTop of the morning to β€˜ya.”

πŸ’š We also would have

  • checked our Leprechaun trap and room to see if a pesky Leprechaun visited us last night. (pictures below) I wonder if he left us any gold...

  • learned some facts about St. Patrick's Day

  • read stories relating to the celebration

  • made green GAK and a Leprechaun craft (pictures below)

  • enjoyed a Lucky Charms snack and a shared "Green" lunch (pictures tomorrow) and

  • had a St. Patrick's Day Music class.

πŸ’š Here are some of the facts we learned during Circle Time.

  • When is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated each year? (March 17th)

  • What is the national flower of Ireland that has three leaves on each clover? (a shamrock)

  • What is the other flower that people confuse with a shamrock? People who find these flowers are very lucky because they are so hard to find. (a Four leaf clover)

  • What is the name of the Irish fairy that looks like a little old man, can be about two feet tall, is unfriendly, lives by himself, passes the time by making shoes and possesses a hidden pot of gold? (a Leprechaun)

  • What color do people wear on St. Patrick’s Day that reminds them of spring and new beginnings? Some people also wear it so they won’t get pinched. (green)

  • Are Leprechauns real? (no)



☘️🌈🌟🎩 ☘️🌈 🌟🎩 ☘️🌈🌟🎩

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