• Tricia Jones

We Are Feeling a Little Froggy at GFCC

March 23 2016

In February, we welcomed our newest class

of children to GFCC -- the

Leap Frogs.

As interest grew for another Tots and Two's class, three teachers joined forces to help lead some of GFCC's youngest children. Together, GFCC's Creative Movement teacher and GFCC parent JoEllen Bingham, Professional School Counselor and GFCC parent Alyson Leiva, and GFCC Music teacher Cathy Turner are guiding this little group of ten. The teachers are impressed by how quickly their students are adapting to carpool, walking in a line, washing hands, potty training, and sitting on their lily pads (carpet squares) to sing or to listen to a story.

For the Leap Frogs, every day is a new adventure! The students are exploring different mediums during process-driven art. They are thoroughly enjoying Music and Creative Movement. They are playing on the playground, and are learning to share, take turns, and move beyond parallel play.

Welcome Leap Frogs!

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