🍎 We're Singin' and Dancin' at GFCC in the Music and Movement Classroom!

🍎 All music and movement goals at GFCC seek to reinforce the basic classroom goals for each age group and to enhance the curriculum and themes of the classroom.

🍎 GFCC students enjoy Music or Movement class each day they attend GFCC. The Music/Movement classroom allows the children the fun of β€œgoing to” Music or Movement in another space just down the hall. Children become aware that learning and participation is fun!

Creative Movement provides many vigorous activities for the children, including yoga, workout sessions, games, obstacle courses, movement to music, stretching and bending, core strengthening exercises, and much practice of body awareness and self-control.


Music experiences compliment the studies in the classroom. Students are introduced to songs, chants, introduction to many musical instruments, musical concepts (such as beat, tempo, rests, notes, etc.). If children have not been outside for a while because of inclement weather, Music will include many of the same type activities they have in Creative Movement for the sake of getting their wiggles out.

🍎 GFCC's Music and Movement goals seek to do the following:

  • Foster the feeling, among the children, that school is a fun place to be

  • Foster the feeling, among the children, that their teachers and classmates care about them

  • Foster language development

  • Foster listening skills

  • Foster the development of gross motor and fine motor skills

  • Foster social skills

  • Enhance letter recognition

  • Enhance number recognition and sequencing understanding.

🍎 Specifically through the use of songs, poems, finger plays, movement, dance, playing and hearing instruments, visual aids and listening exercises, the music goals seek to help the children:

  • Learn how to take turns

  • Learn how to share - for example - instruments

  • Learn how to communicate with the teachers and with their classmates in appropriate ways

  • Learn how to follow directions

  • Learn how to listen while the teacher or classmates are talking

  • Learn how to listen while music is being played

  • Learn how to play with each other

  • Learn how to use their imagination

  • Learn how to sit in their own space in the music circle

  • Learn how to listen quietly in the music circle while the teacher is talking

  • Learn how to sing songs together

  • Learn how to mimic motions to some songs

  • Learn the words and motions of finger plays

  • Learn the words of rhythm poems

  • Learn to play age-appropriate musical instruments

  • Learn to use instruments safely

  • Learn to put away instruments carefully

  • Learn to do directed movements and free dance safely.

🍎 When age-appropriate, these additional goals are also included in the Music and Movement program:

  • Learn progressively more sophisticated songs

  • Learn how to use voices as instruments using a "singing voice," singing softly or loudly

  • Learn to sing around the piano or keyboard

  • Learn to begin recognizing the same tunes used at different times with different words

  • Introduce the children to different styles of music including some classical music

  • Learn to memorize songs and poems and finger plays

  • Learn to memorize motion sequences to music

  • Learn to do group dance to music -- circle games, freeze dance, chicken dance, etc.

  • Learn to do group movement to music -- marching, gesturing, motions to words

  • Learn to follow rhythmic patterns by clapping or with instruments

  • Learn to sing with the class in front of an audience (when required such as Open House or End-of-Year programs)

  • Learn to play various instruments for an entire song.

🍎 In addition to the above goals, Transitional Kindergarten students will also have the following goals, if appropriate for the needs of the class:

  • To be introduced to and begin recognizing some types of notes and musical terms -- on printed music, on flashcards, or on a writing board (example -- quarter notes, treble clef, etc.)

  • To begin learning basics of reading music such as note values (whole notes, quarter rests, dynamics, etc.)

🍎Below, please enjoy looking at some pictures that demonstrate some of the activities and fun that our GFCC students have in their Music and Movement classes.




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