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🍎 What Does a 3-Year-Old Student Learn at GFCC?

🍎 The major goals for the 3-year-old are to feel that school is a fun place to be, to learn that teachers and classmates care about them, and to know that Mom or Dad will always come back at carpool time and take them home.

🍎 School at GFCC is a place where we learn about:

  • Taking turns

  • Sharing

  • Talking to each other about things that happen in our lives

  • Caring about our classmates and friends by cheering each other on when we accomplish things; comforting each other when we are disappointed; and helping each other to solve a problem, find something, clean up, make a transition adjustment, etc.)

  • Following a set schedule

  • Following directions

  • Listening when it's the teacher's turn to talk

  • Learning how to play (creative and interactive) with each other

  • Learning how to solve conflicts with each other by teaching children the conflict management words to use.

  • Learning to speak up for self: being self-assertive

  • Following playground safety rules

  • Learning to sing and play games together

  • Learning to use our imaginations

  • Taking care of oneself by hanging coat and bag on named peg or cubby; being responsible for items brought from home and for notes and work going home; putting on your own coat; taking care of bathroom needs; sitting on one's own square or name at circle time; using manners at snack time and cleaning up your place when finished.

  • Staying together as a group when in transition from one place to another

  • Sitting on carpool letter or spot while waiting for parent's turn to pull up

  • Beginning control of pencil, crayons, markers, scissors, glue and paint.

  • Exploring many different art materials and mediums

  • Developing a love of books and reading

  • Learning some facts about: colors, seasons, weather, holidays and traditions, bears, birds, bugs, planting, the circus, our flag, community helpers, the farm and the 5 senses.

🍎 Through each of these experiences, our goal is to instill in each child a desire to question, explore, and learn in a positive manner and to develop a continuing "love for and joy in" a child's educational journey.

🍎 Below, please enjoy some January pictures that demonstrate some of the happy learning activities that our 3-year-old children experience.




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