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🎩☘️ Wink...Wink... Don't Forget to Set Your Leprechaun Trap Before Bed Tonight!!

☘️🌈🌟🎩 ☘️🌈 🌟🎩 ☘️🌈🌟🎩

💚 If we were in school this year, "G" Week for Transition Kindergarten (TK) children would be happening at GFCC which, among other things, includes the color green and St. Patrick's Day activities.

💚 It would be St. Patrick's Day Eve and time for our TK friends to set a trap to catch a pesky Leprechaun!!

💚 In preparation for the possible shenanigans that a Leprechaun might wreak on our rooms overnight, the TK children would have set a Leprechaun Trap before we left school to try and catch a little green friend. We would have left some colorful shamrocks all festively decorated for his arrival and kept our fingers crossed that our trap would work. (And just so you know, we would have also talked about how this activity was just for fun and that Leprechauns are not real.)

💚 Below are some of the children and Leprechaun traps that we have set over the years.

💚 Tomorrow and the rest of the week, we will look at how our TK children and GFCC celebrate St. Patrick's Day, so check back to our blogs and social media sites all week to see and read about our past celebrations.



☘️🌈🌟🎩 ☘️🌈 🌟🎩 ☘️🌈🌟🎩

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