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Welcome to Greenwood Forest Children’s Center! GFCC is a half-day private, church-based preschool.  Our preschool and transition programs are dedicated to preparing your child for Kindergarten in a loving,  culturally diverse environment where learning is fun! We focus on social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development embedded in activity and play. Current with Wake County’s policy on academia, we strive to continuously increase our academic curriculum in all classes to prepare our boys and girls. The experienced hands-on teaching staff at GFCC also includes a music and creative movement teacher. Please take a moment to explore our website and the bright sunny faces at Greenwood Forest Children’s Center!








Greenwood Forest Children's Center was begun by Greenwood Forest Baptist Church on January 2, 1967 -  54 years ago. We began as a Kindergarten, before WCPSS had Kindergartens and later became a preschool.  While we operate under the umbrella and guidance of the church, we are separate from the church. From it's beginning, the school was not designed to teach a Bible-based curriculum nor have chapel as part of its curriculum. It is our desire that parents be in control of their child's religious training and we encourage you, the parent, to actively do this. We encourage children to share the cultural or religious traditions that are celebrated in their homes.





We believe that children learn by moving, exploring, inquiring, and experiencing.  GFCC is a place for your child to enjoy learning a broad scope of basic skills through play and DOING!


We believe that early exposure to literacy and math concepts is important for kindergarten readiness.  Our classrooms are print-rich environments where literacy and math concepts are introduced through fun circle and center activities. 


We believe that social, emotional, and physical development are equally as important as cognitive development in building self-confidence and kindergarten readiness. 


When a group of children gather to work on building a structure with blocks, it is not just “child’s play!”  They are learning how to:

                -Create vision

                -Make a plan

                -Recalculate mistakes

                -Compromise with their teammates

                -Develop negotiating skills

                -Meet a deadline

                -Move forward, if mistakes are made

                -Work as a team along with alternating                                    leadership roles


At GFCC, we value our sense of family and the individuality of each child!




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Testimonials from our GFCC parents!

This past year (2014-2015) was our 4 year old's 1st year in preschool. The entire staff was very warm, loving, sincere and professional. I feel they went above and beyond to meet the needs of our son as well as all the students! There was plenty of communication and we had access to daily photos (on a private site thanks to the teachers) & reports so we could see our son's progress. Our son had some "normal" behavior issues and the staff was incredible with their fairness & handling of all situations. He has grown socially and academically this past year! The rapport with the teachers & the director is a big plus at Greenwood Forest Children's Center. They also offer family events to bring the parents and children together in a wonderful social setting! I highly recommend this preschool!


                -  Ellen M.


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