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About Us


Our History

Greenwood Forest Children's Center was begun by Greenwood Forest Baptist Church on January 2, 1967 -  over 57 years ago. We began as a Kindergarten, before WCPSS had Kindergartens and later became a preschool.  While we operate under the umbrella and guidance of the church, we are separate from the church. From it's beginning, the school was not designed to teach a Bible-based curriculum nor have chapel as part of its curriculum. It is our desire that parents be in control of their child's religious training and we encourage you, the parent, to actively do this. We encourage children to share the cultural or religious traditions that are celebrated in their homes.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every interaction and every moment are learning opportunities. ​Young minds are constantly taking in the world around them through sight, touch, sound and feeling.From how we greet one another to the songs we sing walking down the hallway, GFCC teachers create an environment where children can meet and exceed their developmental milestones through engaged play. 

We believe that early exposure to literacy and math concepts are important for kindergarten readiness.  Our classrooms are print-rich environments where developmentally appropriate literacy and math concepts are introduced through fun circle and center activities. 

We believe that social and emotional development are critical to a child's overall success which is why we utilize the methodology of Conscious Discipline and the Brain State Model, a science based approach to understanding the vital roles emotional regulation and connection play in a child's ability to learn. 

We believe that strong communities create strong children. We value our sense of family and the individuality of each child!


Join Us! You are most welcome!

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