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 Learning at GFCC

At GFCC we know that early childhood education is about far more than ABCs and 123s. We believe that the best way to support our young learners is to create an environment that focuses on all areas of development. We believe in balance and a flexible mindset because we know: 

  • Children thrive on routine, but not monotony​

  • Providing a challenging environment will look different for each child

  • Children need boundaries that reflect their development, not the desires of adults. 


At each age level, teachers create thematic lesson plans using a set of developmental goals that nurture the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of preschoolers through play-based learning. These goals help guide teachers in planning activities that help children achieve the appropriate developmental benchmarks for the year. 

Teachers at each age level meet monthly to create lesson plans. Specific classroom activities are left to the discretion of age-level teaching teams. This collaborative approach ensures that teachers get to use their unique gifts and talents while maintaining consistent learning goals across classrooms.




       A typical day in any GFCC classroom will include the following: 

Center Time

Circle Time 

Morning snack

30 minutes of outdoor recess

Music and Movement class with Ms. Turner 

Lunch (for 3s, 4s, and TK)

Teachers have access to age appropriate toys, manipulatives, games, art supplies and other various learning resources to rotate through their classroom, creating a stimulating environment every day. 


At GFCC we understand that you are your child's first and primary teacher; therefore we know how important it is to establish and maintain open lines of communication with all our families. Parents receive updates from their child's teachers, as well as the GFCC director, on a weekly basis. 

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