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Enrollment for the 2024-2025 year will open in January. 
Classes and tuition will be posted for the upcoming year in December. 

We are currently offering tours before and after school hours.
Please contact the office to schedule your tour today. 
Office phone: 919-469-0140
Elizabeth Wolber, GFCC Director:
Elizabeth Dunn, Office Administrator


Classes&Tuition Rates

Click here to download the GFCC 2023-2024 Registration Form

Due at the time of registration:


  A completed registration form and the one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $125.00


Activity Fees are a one-time payment due in August.

These fees cover the cost of classroom supplies, filed trips, special programming etc. 



TOTS Class

(Must turn 1 by Aug. 31, 2023) 

    MWF    9:15-12:15     $250/month    Activity Fee: $40.00


    T/TH.   9:15-12:15     $215/month    Activity Fee: $40.00


2-year-old Class

(Must turn 2 by Aug. 31, 2023)


        MWF    9:20-12:20     $260/month    Activity Fee: $45.00

        T/TH.   9:20-12:20     $215/month    Activity Fee: $45.00



3-year-old Classes

(Must turn 3 by Aug. 31, 2022)


        MWF   9:00-12:30      $265/month    Activity Fee: $60.00

        T/TH   9:00-12:30      $215/month    Activity Fee: $50.00

        M-TH  9:00-12:30      $310/month    Activity Fee: $65.00 

Young 4s

 (Must turn 4 between June and Nov. 30th, 2023)


 M-TH 9:00-12:30      $315/month    Activity Fee: $90.00



4-year-old Classes   

(Must turn 4 by Aug. 31, 2023)

       MWF      9:10-1:10      $300/month    Activity Fee: $90.00

        M-F       9:10-1:10      $350/month    Activity Fee: $100.00



 (Must turn 5 by Nov. 30th, 2023) 

        M-F      9:00-1:00       $375/month    Activity Fee: $100.00


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