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2024-2025 Registration

Click here to download the GFCC 2024-2025 Registration Form

Due at the time of Registration

 A completed registration form and a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $125.00

Completed registration forms can be dropped off in person or emailed to the GFCC office. 
If you email your registration form, please indicate when and how the registration fee will be paid. 

Registration Fees

A $125 registration fee is required to secure your child's enrollment. Registration fees can be paid by cash or check only. GFCC is unable to accept payment via credit or debit cards. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tuition Express

GFCC strongly encourages signing up for Tuition Express. This allows payments to be drafted directly from your bank account each month. You have the option to set up your Tuition Express account now. If you turn in the completed Tuition Express form along with your registration form, the GFCC office can draft your registration fees from your account right away. Click here to download the Tuition Express form.

If you choose not to set up Tuition Express payments at this time, you can do so at any time in the future.


Your child’s enrollment will be confirmed via email from the GFCC office within one week of turning in your form and fee. We will not process registration fees unless there is a place for your child in your desired class, as indicated on your registration form.

The Following Classes are Currently FULL: 


All Tots Classes

MWF Older 2s

All 3s Classes

5-Day 4s 


Classes fill on a first come, first serve basis. Once a class is full, we will begin a waitlist that will remain active now through the entire 2024-2025 school year. There are no fees required to be placed on a waitlist. You may put your child on a waitlist for more than one class. If a spot becomes available at any point, the GFCC office will contact families in the order they were placed on the waitlist.  

Classes&Tuition Rates

Activity Fees are a one-time payment due in August.

These fees cover the cost of classroom supplies, filed trips, special programming etc. 

TOTS Class

(Must turn 1 by Aug. 31, 2024)

(Must be walking) 

    MWF    9:15-12:15     $260/month    Activity Fee: $50.00


    T/TH.   9:15-12:15     $225/month    Activity Fee: $50.00


2-year-old Class

(Must turn 2 by Aug. 31, 2024)


        MWF    9:20-12:20     $275/month    Activity Fee: $60.00

        T/TH.   9:20-12:20     $225/month    Activity Fee: $60.00



3-year-old Classes

(Must turn 3 by Aug. 31, 2024) 

(Must be potty trained)


    T/TH   9:00-12:30      $225/month    Activity Fee: $75.00


     MWF   9:00-12:30      $275/month    Activity Fee: $75.00

       M-TH  9:00-12:30      $325/month    Activity Fee: $75.00 

Young 4s

 (Must turn 4 between June and Nov. 30th, 2024)


 M-TH 9:00-12:30      $340/month    Activity Fee: $100.00



4-year-old Classes   

(Must turn 4 by Aug. 31, 2024)

         M-TH      9:10-1:10      $340/month    Activity Fee: $100.00

        M-F       9:10-1:10      $375/month    Activity Fee: $100.00



 (Must turn 5 by Nov. 30th, 2024) 

        M-F      9:00-1:00       $400/month    Activity Fee: $100.00


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