The 2019-2020 School Year Staff

4-Year Old Teachers


Goals for our four year olds include:


                     -SOCIAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT


                     -K & 1st GRADE HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS


                     -MATH & SCIENCE

                     -SOCIAL STUDIES



4's Teachers

Loura Sanabia,  M-F 4's Teacher

   Loura grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi.  After completing her M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology, she worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor in children's services at a local mental health center.  She then transitioned into private practice, in which she administered educational and psychological testing; along with counseling to adults, children, and families. 

   Loura and her husband moved to Apex, North Carolina after their first child was born.  At this time, they decided she would take a leave of absence from her career to be a full-time mom.  After her two children entered elementary school, she began working part-time jobs, during school hours---one of those jobs being a kindergarten teacher assistant.  Her children are now grown. 

   Loura joined our staff in 2010.  She enjoys art, home projects, and spending time with friends and family.

   Loura is a co-teacher in the 5-day Building Blocks classroom.

Jamie Nuss,  M-F 4's Teacher

   Jamie grew up in Cary, North Carolina and graduated from Cary High School.  She attended Wake Tech and graduated with an Associate degree in Office Systems Technology. 

   Jamie has worked as a private nanny and as an office assistant for a pediatric medical office. 

   Jamie and her husband, Richard, have two daughters who attended GFCC.  She is a long time member of Greenwood Forest Baptist Church where she and her husband volunteer in the children's department during Sunday School, VBS, and mission activities of the church.   Jamie joined the GFCC staff in 2014.

  Jamie, Richard, and their two girls live in Chatham County.  Jamie enjoys traveling, arts and crafts, being with family and friends, and caring for their chickens, ducks, and goats.

   Jamie is a co-teacher in the 5-day Building Blocks classroom.

Naira Ono,  M-F 4's Teachers


   Naira grew up in Cali, Colombia.  She went to the University there, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  She then attended NC State in Raleigh and received her Masters of Science in Management.  She has also taken courses at Wake Tech in their ESL program.  Naira has worked as a plant engineer, designing industrial electrical tray layouts for new and existing facilities, an office manager and accountant, and a Technical Translator for the NC State Forestry Department. 

   Naira and her husband, Makoto, have a son and daughter, who attended GFCC.  Naira spent time volunteering in her children’s school, Olive Chapel and Washington Elementary when they were there, as well as in their Middle school.  She joined GFCC’s staff in 2007. 

   Naira and her family attend St. Michael’s of the Archangel Church in Cary.  She lives in Apex, and enjoys travel, reading, cooking, cake decorating, gardening, volunteering, and being at home with family and friends.

   Naira is a co-teacher in the 5-day Crayons classroom.

Libby Valyo,  MWF 4's Teacher


  Libby grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire.  After graduating from high school there, she made a huge move to Texas where she attended Baylor University in Waco and received her degree in Religion.  She returned to the University of New Hampshire to attend graduate school and earned her M.Ed. degree in Counseling.  After graduation, she worked as a school counselor with children in preschool through high school.  Libby joined the GFCC staff in 2016 and has worked in the two year old's and fours programs.

  Libby married her high school sweetheart, Marc.  She and Marc have four boys (all GFCC alumni).  Libby and her family live in Cary and attend Hope Community Church. 

  In her "free" time, Libby enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, reading, and cheering for all the New England sports teams!

  Libby is a co-teacher in the 3-day MWF Superstars classroom.

Susan Hunger-Batts,  MWF 4's Teachers


   Susan is a native of New York.  She attended the State University of New York in New Platz, New York, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.  She has many years of experience working in Property Management and also enjoyed teaching preschool at a Raleigh church based school for a few years.

   Susan and her husband live in Raleigh with their two sons, both who attended GFCC. During their years in preschool here, Susan substituted for GFCC on a regular basis. Before joining the GFCC staff, Susan enjoyed tutoring in their classrooms at Farmington Woods Elementary.

   Susan's spare time is spent enjoying photography, reading, walking trails, and studying health and nutrition.

   Susan is a co-teacher in the 3-day MWF Cool Cats classroom.

Wanda Johnson,  M-F 4's Teacher

  Wanda grew up in the community of Longview, outside of Hickory, North Carolina. She attended Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.  There she received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching.  In 2001, Wanda completed the requirements for her National Board Certification (or National Board for Professional Teaching Standards).  She used this educational training and knowledge to teach in several classrooms across the state of North Carolina. She taught Art for 35 years before retiring.

  Wanda has a grown son and daughter.  She and her husband live in Chatham County in a beautifully restored farm house.  Their granddaughters and one of her grandsons attended GFCC.

  Wanda and Dave are a wonderfully creative team...Dave builds it and Wanda makes it pretty.  They are the creators of the GFCC Christmas parade float, the Mary Kay play space, and many other GFCC playground activity play areas.  They are members of Greenwood Forest Baptist Church.  Wanda joined the GFCC staff in January 2017.

  Wanda's spare time is spent reading, watching her favorite crime shows, and of course producing beautiful art.

   Wanda is a co-teacher in the 5-day Crayons classroom.

Christy Hall,  MWF 4's Teacher

  Christy grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  She attended East Carolina University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science.  She has worked at health/fitness centers as well as career counseling centers. 

  Christy works at the Scottish Hills Recreation Club as pool manager and swim instructor.

 Christy and her husband, Eric, have four children, all who attended GFCC -- two older sons and twins (a boy and a girl). She and Eric live with their family in Cary and have been members of Greenwood Forest Baptist Church for many years.  Christy joined the GFCC staff in 2014.

  What little spare time Christy has is spent enjoying sports and recreation, time with family, and vacationing.

 Christy is a co-teacher in the 3-day MWF Superstars classroom.

Barbara Edwards,  MWF 4's


  Barbara grew up in Brentwood, New York and graduated from Brentwood High School.  She and her family moved from Florida 25 years ago and settled in Cary.  She has been teaching Preschool for 21 years and also works part-time at a Tutoring Program offered at the Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church. 

  Barbara and her husband have been married for 35 years and have two grown sons and a fantastic daughter-in-law.  Twenty years ago, their younger son, Dylan, was a student at GFCC.

  In her spare time, Barbara enjoys going for a daily morning walk, reading, cooking and doing a little yoga.

  Barbara is a co-teacher in the 3-day MWF Cool Cats classroom.