4-Year-Old Teachers


Goals for our four-year-old classes include:


                     -SOCIAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT


                     -K & 1st GRADE HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS


                     -MATH & SCIENCE

                     -SOCIAL STUDIES

GFCC offers a 4-day Young 4s class as well as the 3s & 4s Combination class which provides an option of more school days for the oldest of the 3-year olds and the youngest of the 4-year olds. (Children must turn 4 by November 30.) They follow the 4s curriculum, lesson plans, and thematic units. Students work at a 3-year old level of expectations at the beginning of the year and then move to 4-year old expectations before Christmas. It is a class that is unique within itself. It offers a bit of the 3s and 4s curriculum for those children who want to go to Transition Kindergarten (or TK).


4s Teachers

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Mary Mason

Young 4s Co-Teacher


   Mary grew up in Cary, NC.  After high school, Mary studied Business Administration at Wake Tech in Raleigh.  She began teaching Older 2's at GFCC in 2002.  She taught that class for 8 years and for the last 4 years she was here, she was the GFCC secretary in the office with Sandy.  "Teaching and being a part of this outstanding preschool has been life changing for me."

   Mary met her husband, Mike, in 2012 and they married in 2014.  Soon after, Mary and Mike moved to Oklahoma and have recently moved back to NC.  Mary rejoined our staff in the fall of 2018.

   Mary and Mike each have 3 beautiful children in their combined family.  Mary's son, Alex, is 25 and a full-time soccer coach at NCFC.  Her daughter, Anna, is 20 and a Junior at UNCW studying Math and pursuing a teaching degree.  Her youngest daughter, Anna, is 16 and a Junior at Holly Springs High School, focusing on theater.  Mike's children all live in Tennessee.  His son, Robert, is 30 and pursuing his Master's in French after he spent six years in the Air Force.  His daughter Grace is 27 and works as an Administrative Assistant with a gymnastic company.  His youngest son, Daniel, is 21 and attending college in Tennessee while working part time.

    Mary and Mike love to travel and spend time with family.  Mary enjoys cooking with Addison, taking walks with Anna, and watching Alex play soccer.


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Jennifer Leonard 

Young 4s Co-Teacher

   Jennifer grew up in Livonia, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University where she graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Jennifer worked as a pediatric OT in inpatient and outpatient settings for over ten years in Muncie, Indiana and Charlotte, North Carolina.

   In 2004, Jennifer began teaching in the 2's class at GFCC, a position she held until 2014. Following this, Jennifer worked for the Town of Cary as a Preschool instructor with a focus in math, science and kindergarten readiness.

   Jennifer has been married to her husband, Jim, for 24 years, and they live in Cary. Their children, Cameron (22) and Cooper (20), both attended GFCC. They now attend Penn State University and Mount St. Mary's University respectively, and they both play Division I sports (ice hockey and lacrosse).

   When she has the time, Jennifer enjoys traveling, reading, and walking her dog, Piper.



Susan Hunger-Batts

MWF 4s Co-Teacher


   Susan is a native of New York.  She attended the State University of New York in New Platz, New York, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.  She has many years of experience working in Property Management and also enjoyed teaching preschool at a Raleigh church based school for a few years.

   Susan and her husband live in Raleigh with their two sons, both who attended GFCC. During their years in preschool here, Susan substituted for GFCC on a regular basis. Before joining the GFCC staff, Susan enjoyed tutoring in their classrooms at Farmington Woods Elementary.

   Susan's spare time is spent enjoying photography, reading, walking trails, and studying health and nutrition.

   Susan is a co-teacher in the 3-day 4s Super Stars classroom.

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Anne Hailey

M-F Lead Teacher


   Anne is new to GFCC but not to Cary. She is a Cary native and grew up on Kildaire Farm Road.

   Anne finished Louisburg College in 1971 and began working under John Ingram, the NC Insurance Commissioner the same year. Her tenure there was almost a decade.

   After the birth of her second child in 1980, Anne told us that she began her most "Noble Profession" as a stay-at-home mom. In 1993 when Anne's youngest child entered first grade, Anne joined the staff at Cary Elementary. In 2005 she decided to take an early retirement from Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). During that same year, Anne started teaching at the Methodist Children's Center (MCC) in Cary and taught there until March 2020 when the preschool closed due to the pandemic.

   A one-and-a-half year hiatus from teaching was definitely too long for Anne. She is elated to join the staff at GFCC and return to her passion of teaching young children.

   Anne has four adult children and three FABULOUS grandchildren. Fortunately, they all live in Wake County!

  In Anne's free time, she enjoys entertaining, cooking, yardwork, large family meals, and spending time just hanging out with her grandchildren, family and friends! And just so you know... Anne is a huge fan of HGTV!

   Anne is a lead teacher in the five-day 4s program. She will be in the Rock Stars classroom.

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Lisa Williams

M-F 4s Lead Teacher



Barbara Edwards

MWF 4s  Co-Teacher

  Barbara grew up in Brentwood, New York and graduated from Brentwood High School.  She and her family moved from Florida 25 years ago and settled in Cary.  She has been teaching Preschool for 21 years. 

  Barbara and her husband have been married for 35 years and have two grown sons and a fantastic daughter-in-law.  Twenty years ago, their younger son, Dylan, was a student at GFCC.

  In her spare time, Barbara enjoys going for a daily morning walk, reading, cooking and doing a little yoga.

  Barbara is a co-teacher in the 3-day 4s Super Stars classroom.

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Megan Johnson

M-F Assistant Teacher

   Megan grew up in Roxboro, NC. She attended Meredith College and North Carolina State University, receiving a Bachelor's in Business Administration (Marketing) from Meredith and a Master's in Teaching (Elementary) from NC State.

   After graduating from college, Megan worked in public relations for several years but then decided on a different career path. She went back to school to become a teacher and taught until her oldest daughter was born. When her children were in preschool, Megan was heavily involved in a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and held a variety of volunteer positions. Currently, she is a co-leader of her daughter's Girl Scout troop and volunteers at their church from time to time.

   Megan says that she and her amazing husband, Pete, were married in 2009 and they have two wonderful daughters -- an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old. In 2020, Megan and her family adopted their first family pet, a puppy named Waylon. Megan, Pete, their daughters, and family pet Waylon all live in Cary.

   In her spare time, Megan loves tennis, traveling, being near the water, catching up with friends, playing games, and reading. She also enjoys tapping into her creative side with fiction writing and watercolors and is proud to say that she has recently learned to embroider! And oh... by the way, she loves to have a good laugh! :-)

   Megan is an assistant teacher in the five-day 4s program.  She will be in the Rock Stars classroom.

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Julie Kroll

M-F 4s Assistant